A downloadable game for Windows

Transform through various levels as Greg! Human now turned rectangle.

Greg's spaceship crashed and he landed on a planet named Egg-12B and he is on his anxious quest back to Earth.

Help Greg, he needs it.

In ShipRect you have to puzzle platform your way to collect the golden rocket ship,
When you are solid, you can collide with anything solid, when you press enter to transition into an outline, you can collide with an outline shape.

A = left 
Space or W = jump    
Enter = transition   
R = restart

Game by the Egg Academy!!!

known bugs for reference:

no credits screen at the end.
"press r to restart" doesn't disappear.
music only plays on the menu screen.
Key Input Text Doesn't Show Up

Speedrun Edition is live!


ShipRect.zip 33 MB


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I liked the squishiness of the jump animation

Very clever! enjoyed the mechanics of changing matter - very fun, although it took me a while to work out I could change my form with Enter - I probably should have read the controls :) Nice job!